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Bed Bug Treatment Options

Conventional With Steam

Arab Pest Truck & TrailerConventional treatments utilize the use of more traditional methods with various types of products used, along with steam. Chemicals alone can’t kill the eggs, so we use steam to kill eggs. These products will typically provide a longer protection period than heat treatments alone. Our conventional treatment process will include the initial service and follow up service. The follow up services are determined by your bed bug infestation. Follow up treatments will typically be scheduled every two weeks. Due to their biology, habits and re-introduction risk, bed bugs can be difficult and frustrating to deal with. Since their flattened bodies enable them to hide in tiny crevices and cracks, bed bugs can hide in areas such as mattresses, box springs, bed frames, nightstands, sofas, and any other furniture and personal belongings.

To allow for thorough treatment, a significant amount of preparation must be performed by you prior to service.

Boxes, bags needs to be removed from floor area, clothing should be run through the dryer on high heat for a minimum of 30 minutes then bagged in white plastic garbage bags and taken out of the service area. It is important that we have access to wall floor area so we can service properly. Because of the applications of chemical and dust, along with the  use of steam and so that our techs can apply our product properly you and your pets must be away until the chemical has sufficient time to dry properly.

Preparation is critical for the program to be successful. Arab Pest Control has a proven track record for providing the highest quality bed bug services available.

Bed bugs are not a do-it-yourself project. Let us take the stress away from your bed bug problem.

Heat Remediation

With heat Remediation all stages of bed bugs are eliminated from egg to adult Our Heat Remediation Service requires minimal amount of preparation prior to service, such as removing items that could melt, or aerosols that may explode, we provide a customer preparation list to guide you through the pre-process.  Most of the time customer’s may be able to keep belongings that otherwise would have to be discarded during a conventional treatment. The Heat Remediation Service takes several hours, and you are required to be away from your home along with all pets so we can properly treat your home. You can re-enter soon after the service is completed, knowing Heat is an effective way to control bed bugs. All insects have optimum living temperatures for growth, survival, and reproduction. They also have lethal temperature limits at which all stages of the life cycle are killed. By targeting this temperature throughout the home, bed bug populations will be eliminated.

Monitors are placed throughout the home to carefully measure and record the temperatures in specific areas. The temperatures are recorded in real time by each sensor to allow for adjustment of any hot or cold spots. Temperature readings are recorded every 30 minutes and a report may be provided of such readings

Limited amount of pesticides are used.

Our equipment is designed for Bed Bug Heat Remediation. Our service techs are trained in the equipment's use and what to look for and do in your home to insure a proper service. Arab Termite & Pest Control is licensed by the State of Ohio and fully insured. More info . . .


Each bed bug infestation is unique and therefore requires a customized treatment plan. However, bed bug fumigation with Vikane® gas fumigant is the only treatment method with a 50-year track record of effectively and reliably eradicating all bed bugs infesting a structure, including the egg stage.

Bed bug fumigation with Vikane can be conducted on entire structures (whole-structure), certain parts of a structure (compartmentalized), or certain household items, including box springs and mattresses, which are placed in a chamber to be fumigated.

Recommended when immediate eradication of bed bugs is required, such as in multiunit dwellings (hotels, apartments and dormitories), when occupants are highly allergic to bites or when there is zero tolerance for the infestation

Fumigation can typically work well in areas not suited for other applications. For example, areas that are very cluttered and / or where you might not be able to remove items or otherwise properly prepare for Conventional or Heat remediation. In troublesome situations where other treatments such as repeated crack and crevice applications (liquids, dust and aerosols) have failed, Fumigation has proven quite successful. As with the heatigation we provide a home owner's preparation list to guide you through the pre-process. We provide separate preparation lists for renters, businesses, etc. Feel free to call us with any questions you might have.

Many people turn to Fumigation when they're concerned other treatments may damage infested materials, such as high value furnishings, custom mattresses, electronics, etc.

Our Fumigation methods are comparatively gentle to most all materials that could be infested with bed bugs, including mattresses, linens and clothing. When applied according to label requirements, Vikane®gas fumigant only requires a single treatment to eradicate bed bugs infesting a building.

Vikane® gas fumigant completely dissipates from the structure being fumigated and leaves no surface residue, odor or film behind, eliminating the need to wash linens, clothing or other items after fumigation.

Preparation for your Fumigation Service is minimal. Food and medicine is all that needs to be removed or bagged in special nylon fumigation bags provided by Arab Pest Control.

You and your pets will be required to leave your structure for 48 hours. More info . . .

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