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Heatigation Preparation

These are the steps you will need to do prior to the heatigation process. If you have any questions we would welcome your call at 740-385-7125.

  • Run all clothes you will be wearing that day thru the dryer prior to leaving for the day. We recommend that you have all vehicles treated. There should be no clutter!!
  • To avoid spreading bedbugs, do not remove anything other than what’s specified below from your residence.
  • All bedding and clothes in drawers must be removed and run through the dryer on high heat for a minimum of 30 minutes, then bagged in plastic white or clear plastic bags, twist knotted and removed from the home. Clothes hanging in closets can remain, but they should be spread apart so that the heat can move thru. 
  • All people and all pets must be out of the residence during entire service, no exceptions. (All fish tanks containing fish must be removed from residence).
  • Remove all heat-susceptible ingredients, easily melted materials, and heat sensitive equipment including, but are not limited to:
    • Oil paintings, musical instruments.
    • Candles, lipsticks, perfumes, lotions, acrylics, paintings (water colors or oil based), antique pictures, crayons, paraffin wax, cosmetics, canning wax, frames and any objects that are assembled with glue.
    • Indoor plants including seeds and bulbs
    • Fruits and vegetables (place in refrigerator)
    • Chocolates, candy, medicines, toothpaste and vitamins (place in refrigerator)
    • All beverages including but not limited to soda or beer and any food products containing artificial sweeteners such as instant drink mixes and artificial sugars, wine, champagne or any alcohol.  (place in refrigerator)
    • Flammable or combustible chemical compounds, including gasoline, butane, cigarette lighters, ammunition, aerosol cans, compressed gases, fire extinguishers and cleaners containing distillates, and illegal items.
    • Any other liquids such as cleaning detergents and pesticides.
  • Before beginning of the treatment, make sure that ventilating and air conditioning systems and dust collectors are shut off. Turn up the thermostat to raise the temperature the morning of your service.
  • Electrical equipment, such as computers, televisions, etc MUST BE powered down and unplugged. (DO NOT UNPLUG REFRIDGERATOR)
  • Shut off fire alarms, sprinkler systems and burglar alarms (notify your security, fire, and sprinkler company)
  • Fans will be used to circulate the air throughout the treated area.  Collect and box up any loose items (papers, magazines, glass items) that maybe drifted around or knocked over by air movement, but leave in unit to be treated.  Dust will circulate throughout treated areas.
  • Stringed instruments including pianos may be de-tuned by the heat.  It is your responsibility to have these items re-tuned.  If removing these items, you must leave case behind to be treated.
  • Any waterbeds need to be drained, airbeds are to be deflated and select comfort beds need to be partially deflated and unplugged. All handicap equipment must be left to be heated, or at least inspected and or treated.
  • Plastic mini blinds must be taken down placed in bathtub.
  • Provide access to all areas to be treated.


 The following measures are recommended to increase the effectiveness of the Heatigation process:

  1. After treatment, please note that the furniture in your unit will be moved around, mattresses and box springs will be leaned against the wall, and bedding materials and other belongings may be spread out in the bedrooms.  Arab Pest Control will make every effort to restore things to their original location but cannot guarantee exact placement.
  2. Return plants and pets to treated areas (make sure to plug in air supply)
  3. To prevent reintroduction of bed bugs, place any clothing materials outside the treated area into a hot dryer for a minimum of 30 minutes at temperatures above 125 degrees BEFORE bringing them into the treated areas (this includes the clothing you wore out of your residence the day of treatment)
  4. It is recommended that you use bed bug proven mattress and box spring encasements to detect future problems.  (these can be purchased through Arab Pest Control at an additional expense)
  5. Customer should vacuum/clean to remove any dead bedbug carcass after treatment, so Arab Pest Control can verify effectiveness in a follow-up inspection.  After vacuuming, place contents in plastic bag, seal, and dispose of out of the building.
  6. Follow-up inspection will take place about 10-14 days after the Heatigation to ensure effectiveness. 

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