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Outside Perimeter Treatment

Upon arrival your Arab Pest Technician will do an outside inspection. They will walk around the home, checking for common entry areas for pests. They will look for any permanent or temporary pathways that pests might commonly use and consult with you about what they find. Your Arab Technician will begin applying an approved pest deterrent product three feet up the side of your house, and thee feet to the outside on the ground level. They will look for and apply around penetrations, eaves, windows, door frames and anywhere else they find where pests commonly travel.

This service helps stop pests like pavement ants, wood roaches, spiders, lady bugs and stink bugs. The service can also repel bees and wasps from building nests on your structure.   

Your Arab Technician will take care when applying, to control run off and minimize spotting on windows. We choose materials that dry quickly and remain in place. Once dry, our application is safe for your family and pets. Honey bees can detect and avoid the product, minimizing any damage to the bee population.

We recommend a minimum of two applications, one in spring and one in late summer / early fall.

We have available a quarterly service, for those who wish to stop pest problems before they enter the structure and minimize inside pest services. This service is especially great for those who work away from the home and can't be there to let your Arab Pest Control Technician in your home. Questions? Call us at 740-385-7125 or 800-654-8870.

Hours of operation: Monday through Friday 7:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. EST

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