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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have become a serious problem on a nationwide scale. Everything from luxury 5 Star resorts to the humblest homes and apartments have been visited with these unwelcome guests. Unfortunately, southeastern Ohio hasn't been spared. The bugs will hitchhike on just about anything to make their way into a home and into your beds. We even found bedbugs hiding in the USB port of a laptop computer. Regardless of how they arrive, if you think you have them, please give us a call. Through our professional associations we constantly monitor how other exterminators around the country are defeating this blight. We have invested many, many thousands of dollars into top of the line equipment and ongoing training. Depending on your situation we offer three different processes to eliminate the bugs. One of the newest and in some situations the most effective weapon in our arsenal is to seal an entire structure and fumigate with a gas that totally eliminates any trace of bed bug life. As a bonus it also wipes out any other bug problem including termites. You can read more about it here . . .

If you have bed bugs in your home or your business, we have a whole array of effective ways to kill them. Once again, call us.


Termites have been going after your home for years. Now the Sentricon┬« Termite Colony Elimination System with Always Active Technology lets you go after their home - the colony. Colony elimination is a revolutionary  way to deal with termites. And the  Sentricon┬« Termite Colony Elimination System with Always Active Technology can achieve it. Read more . . .


Many people are afraid of spiders. This fear is partly due to myths and to the notoriety of harmful species such as the brown recluse spider and the black widow spider. Several species of sac spiders (clubionids) are suspected of being responsible for most spider bites, especially ones occurring indoors. Sac spider venom is cytotoxic, causing tissues at the bite site to die.

You can put your spider fears to rest after an Arab Pest team finishes their work in your home or business. Your solution starts with a call to Arab. Read more about spiders. . .


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We have recently added Exterminal out of Columbus, Ohio to our growing Pest Control enterprise. We look forward to serving all of their customers. Additionally they can now use our Pay Online service by clicking the link below.


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