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Commercial Services

Progressive Pest Program

Arab Termites and Pest Control incorporates an Integrated Pest Management  (IPM) approach to deal with most crawling insects, like ants, spiders and crickets and Cockroaches. Food Handling or Non Food Handling faculties our treatment procedures included out-side barrier to help control pest before they enter your structure. We can also provide after hours service that fits your operation schedule. 

Flea and Tick Control

We all love our pets, but some times with pets fleas and ticks are present. It is easy for employees or customers to bring in these pest on their clothing, Arab Termite And Pest Control can provide after hours treatment to rid you these pests.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are becoming more of a problem, they are not going away. Customers and employees can spread bed bugs into your work place at any time. Arab Termite and Pest Control's treatment program of Steam/Heat and Chemical control can quickly rid your structure of these pest and our treatment can be done after hours, we also offer discounts to your employees that need our bed bug services.

Restaurant Program

Arab Termite and Pest Control's treatment  program for the food handling environment incorporates an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach and focuses on the control of crawling insects, especially the German cockroach and ants, excluding carpenter ants. Our treatment program also address control of drain and fruit flys and gnats.  

Fly Control

Arab Termite and Pest Control's  monthly treatment program is designed to control house and drain flies from the larval through adult stages. We can sell or rent insect light traps that aid in control flying insects. 

Stored Product Pest Program

Working with our the customer, Arab Termite and Pest Control technicians impose a sanitation and  correction/prevention program to control this pest and reduce product loss due to infestation.

Rodent Control

Arab Termite and Pest Control's  premier program is designed to control rodents from entering your structure, our inside program controls the rodent that have gotten past the perimeter stations or that were brought into the structure by delivered supplies. Arab Termite and Pest Control can help with or suggest Exclusion measures that can be taken to prevent rodents from entering the structure, exclusion is an important step of any rodent control program, followed by trapping or baiting  those rodents who have already penetrated the structure. 

Bird Control

Arab Termite and Pest Control's treatment program will remove the existing bird population, can preform  installation of mechanical exclusion/control measures that can control the bird problems in the future.  
Stinging Insect Control
Arab Termite and Pest Control can get you relief from bees, wasp and hornets that may be swarming around your door ways and alarming customers or your employees. 

Mosquito  Control

Arab Termite and Pest Control's  control program focuses on  searching for conditions conducive to mosquito breeding and changing those conditions by eliminating breeding sites and misting the area.  Our treatment program is designed to control mosquitoes from the larval through adult stages. Our treatment goal is to reduce the customer's mosquito population by 75%.

Termite Control

By utilizing the Sentricon┬« Termite Colony Elimination System, Arab Termite and Pest Control offers constant termite protection. It’s environmentally responsible, less disruptive than other treatments, and provides proven termite colony elimination. So you can stop termites’ destruction, and prevent it in the future.

The Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System is more than just a way to shut down termite colonies. It is all about your peace of mind. Only 24/7 protection from the world's best will give you that. Sentricon instills total confidence through:

Proven Colony Elimination

The Sentricon System is a game-changer. Termite colony elimination has become the measure for success. And "proven" refers to conclusive independent research at 30 universities, reported in 70 published scientific articles, and more than 15 years of real-life success. See if any other commercially available termite treatments can say the same.

Easy to live with

Sentricon bait stations are placed discreetly around your property, so the Sentricon System is barely visible, and certainly less obtrusive than traditional liquid chemical treatments. With Sentricon, there is no drilling, digging, trenching, or chemical injection required in or around your home. Your Sentricon® System Authorized Operator can make a scheduled bait station monitoring visit without your even during work hours with out interfering with your schedule or customers.

Environmentally responsible

The Sentricon System was developed to be a green product. Where many liquid chemical treatments use hundreds of gallons of chemical solution, the Sentricon System wipes out entire termite colonies using only a few grams of strategically placed active ingredient. It's the only termite product ever to receive the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award.

The Best Professionals

Our Authorized Operators have extensive training in the unique Sentricon System and use state-of the-art data gathering and management tools. They're skilled, experienced and ready to eliminate your termite problem.

Manufacturer Commitment

With comprehensive entomology expertise, Dow AgroSciences is a global leader in pest management solutions and a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company. Dow proudly offers the Sentricon System, the world's most advanced termite management technology.
The Sentricon System with Always Active technology begins the termite colony elimination process without delay and offers continuous property protection from termites.

The Property Protection Process provides continuous defense for long-term protection of homes and buildings by Arab  Termite and Pest Control. This three-step process begins once the Sentricon System is installed.

  • Monitor. An Authorized Operator routinely examines the stations for signs of termite activity.
  • Bait. When termites are discovered, termite bait is placed in the stations. Termites then feed on it and spread it to their nestmates.
  • Eliminate. The active ingredient in the termite bait affects termites by stopping the molting process they need to grow. As the worker termites die off, the colony declines to the point it can no longer sustain itself, ultimately leading to its elimination.

Once the attacking colony is eliminated, the process starts over by monitoring for future invasions.

Arab Termite and Pest Control provides peace of mind. With the attacking colony eliminated and continuously monitoring for a new invasion; property owners, home builders, realtors and property managers can all rest assured that a home is protected.

Our current clients include:

  • Restaurants and other Food Handling Faculties.
  • Hospitals, Medical Offices and Labs.
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Offices and Office Buildings 
  • Public Structures such as Courthouse, County Jails,  Libraries  
  • Parks and Recreation 


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