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Fleas & Ticks  

Fleas and Ticks
When you discover that your pet has fleas or ticks and they are in your home, call Arab Termite and Pest Control, then make an appointment with your Vet  to treat your pet; consult with your veterinarian to find the best treatment option. While you are waiting for the Arab Technician to arrive, thoroughly clean your home and tell your Arab Technician the areas where your pet spends a lot of time. Flea and tick infestations can be difficult to eliminate, but together we can rid your home of fleas and ticks.

Your Arab Termite and Pest Control technician will ask where you have experienced fleas or ticks to determine the extent of your infestation. Our professionally trained technicians will conduct a visual inspection of the areas of infestation, including areas where your pets have been. Your technician will take thorough notes of all findings and at the end of the inspection will outline suggestions for implementing an integrated pest management solution specific for your home.

Treating the Indoors

You will need to  Vacuum
First, thoroughly vacuum the entire house, including hard surfaces, with particular attention to any place an animal rested or where animal bedding is situated. Be sure to get under everything - furniture, rugs, etc. You may also need to vacuum and treat furniture. Once you are finished, immediately seal your vacuum bag in a plastic bag and throw it away. This prevents the fleas from crawling back out and infesting your home again. Vacuuming and shampooing or steam cleaning the carpet can kill some of the larvae; however it may also still leave some live fleas, so a chemical treatment will be necessary.

Hot Wash All Linens
Wash all linens and pet beds in order to kill possible fleas. You should wash and dry any bedding at the hottest temperature. If the items can't be washed, you may want to consider throwing the item out.

Keep Your Pet Away
Arab Termite and Pest Control  recommends your veterinarian treat your pet for fleas and/or ticks, at the same time of your appointment with Arab Termite and Pest Control. This should prevent your pet from re-introducing the pest into the treated environment.  Make sure to remove any pet feeding dishes or any other pet-related items from the treatment area. Please keep your pet out of treated areas until materials are dry (approximately two hours). We require you and all family members including pets to be out of the home durning treatment.

Keep in mind that your pets go outdoors, Arab Termite and Pest Control recommends that you have us treat your yard (at an additional charge) when we servicing your home.

How you can help, keep your grass cut, your trees and shrub pruned, eliminate or correct wet or moist conditions. And just because it may be winter, don't suspend applications of flea and tick medication to you family pet. After your appointment you will need to continue vacuuming every day for the next couple weeks, why you ask? Vacuuming will cause eggs that are still in your home to hatch, and the insect to come in contact with our treatment. Don't forget to discard that used vacuum bag after every vacuuming.  

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