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Preparing for Fumigation

In some real estate markets, lenders can require verification that the property is termite-free or has been treated for termites if signs of termite damage are found.

In fact, many homeowner associations, such as those in California, have a mandated responsibility to ensure that termite infestations don’t run rampant through the association’s properties.

Fumigation with Vikane® gas fumigant treats entire structures, even those places you can’t see or access. Vikane is a true gas – it leaves no residue on furnishings or other contents of your home, and it causes no damage either to the structure or its contents, when used according to label directions. In order to help ensure the successful fumigation of your home, apartment, condo or office, there are a few things you will need to do to prepare both the interior and exterior of the property.

Preparing for Whole-Structure Fumigation

It only takes a small opening to invite swarming termites into your home. Many different types of buildings can be infested – houses, apartment buildings, and businesses are all susceptible. In fact, many public buildings have been treated for termite infestations.

To learn more about preparing for a fumigation, watch the video “Preparing Your Home for Fumigation”.

Note: In a recent development that is not reflected in the video, the Vikane® Gas Fumigant product label no longer requires the removal or bagging of unsealed water, water coolers or ice prior to fumigation with Vikane.

Vikane Fumigation Fact Sheet

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